Joshua Combes

(Jacob Thorne/ Celu/ Oz/ Dorothy/ Prisoner/ Various passengers.) Joshua is a trained actor, writer, illustrator and arts educator. His most recent credit is performing as the Baker in SoPopera’s production of James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s “Into The Woods.” For the Sydney Shakespeare Festival company he performed as both vocalist and actor, as Feste in Twelfth Night and Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice. For the RTC, Demetrius in Midsummer Nights Dream, Malcolm in Macbeth as well as a number of Theatresports performances. For Love Your Work productions he played Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Iago in Othello. For Round About Now theatre company, he played John in David Mamet’s Life in the Theatre and Tom in Away by Michael Gow. For UTE, Prospero in The Tempest, Reverend Eli Jenkins and Mog Edwards in Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas and performed in Measure for Measure, Fen by Carly Churchill, and Equus by Peter Schaffer. Other credits include: Westside Story, the Comedy of Errors and Titus Andonicus. Joshua is also a playwright, having been awarded a mentorship with Australian playwright Timothy Daly through the Griffin theatre and ANPC. His play works include: Only Human, Wandering Shadows, Honest Iago, I'm With Cupid and Queen of Storms.

Samantha Anne Combes

(Clio Aeschylus/ Angry Passenger/ Supermarket Customer) Samantha Anne (Combes) is Joshua Combes's Dream and Waking World wife, who also happens to be a natural performer. A languages educator (Japanese and German) and communications expert, Samantha is a publisher of Illustrated Children's books under the name "Square World Books." She calls herself the "break-out star" od REM Waking World and is delighted to be playing the principle character of Clio Aeschylus, muse of many creative humans - including William Shakespeare.

Elijah Owen Combes

(Toby Thorne/ Little Walking Dead Fan) Youngest son of Samantha and Joshua, wants to be a Drama teacher. Writer of many comic books and loves Superheroes. Elijah has inspired many creative ideas in REM Waking World and is looking forward to revealing Toby's character arc.

Stephanie Coble-Runge

(Mira) Performer, lead educator, make-up and properties designer. Stephanie is uniquely placed to play the role of Mira the Changeling - who teaches Toby about empathy for others, particularly for the many species of the animal kingdom. As a Head Teacher at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, Stephanie created and conducted educational programs for young people across the state of NSW to better understand environmental science issues and to empathise with the many animals of the Waking World. Stephanie is the biggest empath we know!

Lewis Marshall Combes

(Jonah Thorne/ Entertainment Director) Eldest son of Samantha and Joshua, has never done any acting before but is no stranger to performance. He has performed as a guitarist and has a strong interest in Rock bands of the 1990s. He plays electric, bass and accoustic guitar and has performed with his band WALKEN at Music festivals, concerts and events

Dianne McDonald

(Nothing/ Ms Clotho - The Weird Sister.) Dianne is a lead educator and mentor for Drama teachers across NSW. As a director and performer Dianne has had many stage credits, most recently in Alana Valentine's Eyes to the Floor for Rough Hewn Theatre Company , the follow up to the renowned Parramatta Girls - of which Dianne also performed. Other recent credits include: Stubborn by Nina Jonson and Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron.

Melissa Marshall

(Amanda Thorne) Melissa began her acting career as a child in many theatrical events in Sydney and most notably on Australian Television. Her credits include Australian classics like Bodysurfers and as a lead character, Jenny Kelly, in the hit children's Science Fiction The Girl From Tomorrow with John Howard, Katharine Cullen, Andrew Clarke and Helen O'Connor. She is a mother to three wonderful children and stepmother to two beautiful kids. Melissa was involved in the inception and creation of the original REM concept with her brother-in-law, Joshua. She is delighted to return to acting in REM Waking World as multiple inhabitants of the dreamland and most notably Amanda Thorne, the perfect dream woman (or is she?)

Rachel Lowe

(Jiaomu - the original fairy Godmother/ Ye Xien - the original Cinderella) Lead educator in working with students with special needs, specifically in the area Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rachel is also a talented Visual Artist and has performed in plays and musicals, appearing as guest star in Joshua Combes's production of The Wiz.

Lisa Stevens

(General Blank - Dr Jacqueline Heidi/ Ms Atropos - the Weird Sister) Lead Educator of the subject of Drama and Costume Design expert, Lisa is an advocate for the power of theatre in developing empathy and inner strength in young people. She was inspired to be a performer as a young person in youth theatre productions and it has enriched her life. Lisa has performed in a variety of theatre productions in New South Wales and is delighted to be a part of this epic fantasy adventure.


Michelle Feely

(Susannah Thorne) Librarian, avid reader, artistic promoter and mother of four beautiful children. Michelle has comedically calculated she has 9.15 years left of active adventuring before she settles into a quiet old age of reading. In an effort to see these years as her best yet she has decided to turn her hand to things she has never done before and wouldn't have thought possible. Voice actor in a fiction podcast is one such unexpected artist.

Caroline Farrell

(Eve Thorne) Caroline is a trained actor and educator from the University of Armidale. She is a writer, performer and co-op theatre company director. Caroline is passionate about Steiner Education. She currently assisting in the developement of a new HIgh School with a Steiner Education mission.


Alison Bleyerveen

(Alice the original and Morpheus of the Alice System) Alison studied Music at the Canberra School of Music, Drama and English - ANU. Playing, singing, teaching, conducting and theological studies kept her from completely disappearing down the ‘parent-of-5-very-close-together-children ’ rabbit hole - from which she emerged as mad as a hatter and with a desire to teach Religious Education. Alison has been teaching for over twenty years now. She has continued to dabble in theatre and has recently taken up the ukelele. Like her character, Alice, she wants to help people to dream a more loving, better world.

Sarah Sullivan

(Dame Calliope Cheshire/ Scarlet Kelly/ Internet Troll) Sarah is a trained actor and voiceover artist who has appeared on both stage and screen. Her most recent voiceover credit was voicing the IVR system for Ticketmaster. She has also appeared on screen in the ABC’s Something in the Air, MDA and Channel 7’s City Homicide. Sarah is excited to be part of this wonderful new podcast.

Gabrielle Fonteyne

(Milly the Mad Milliner/ Jacob's best friend/ Ms Lachesis - the Weird Sister) Gabrielle is a trained actor and high school drama teacher. As a performer she was a cast member of ATYP’s Productions of Birds directed by David Berthold and Lucky written by Toby Schmitz directed by Timothy Jones. She also performed with SYMT in their productions of City of Angels and Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Gabrielle was in numerous productions and student films while studying for her BA Acting for Stage and Screen degree at CSU Wagga Wagga. It was at university she met the very talented creator of REM Waking World and played Rebecca in his play, Wading through the Fountain of Youth. Reconnecting with Joshua through the drama teacher network Gabrielle is thrilled and honoured to be a part of this exciting and fabulous podcast.

Tanya Roet

(The Diamond Duchess/ Random Famous Lady/ Gossipy Colleague.) Tanya is a dynamic teacher of English, Debating and Public Speaking. New to the Performing Arts, she has always enjoyed the Creative Arts with her painting, sculpting, and mosaic creation. Tanya is a connoisseur of great literature. She loves bright colours and making everything SPARKLE!! Being an educator affords her the privileged opportunity to inspire her students, instil confidence in kids and develop the resilience of young people. Tanya is one of the most upbeat people we know, who never misses an opportunity to encourage people’s dreams. She loves seeing others living their best life and embracing opportunities.

Melissa Buckley

(Internet Troll) Melissa is a Theatre graduate who has performed in various Australian stage & screen productions. Alongside TV and Print advertising campaigns, Melissa has taken performed in a variety of radio work as well as writing and directing award winning plays. Settling in Bray, Ireland almost 9 years ago, she epitomized the Evil Queen in the towns' Snow White Pantomime plus Christmas Lights event, and more recently performed in Pride & Prejudice and Pygmalion.


Katherine LeFever

(Cabin Crew) Educator and Actor. Prefers voice acting and is excited to make her Fiction Podcast debut in "REM Waking World." As a teacher, she loves the chance to put on a costume, adopt a character and make her Science lessons memorable for her students.

Angelo Gattone

(Bruno - the neighbour) Voice actor, wit, political commentator and educator. The acting role he most relished playing was Iago from William Shakespeare's Othello - the polar opposite to his kind nature. Angelo sows peace, laughter and compassion in this confounding world.

Marcus Fitzpatrick

(Andy - the neighbour/ Ex-student) Marcus is an artist, designer and educator who is thrilled to making his voice acting debut in REM Waking World.

Claudine Bella

(Ex-student) English and Religious education teacher.

Andjela Zelenbaba

(Ex-student) Actual ex-student of creator Joshua Combes. Has performed in three of Joshua Combes's original productions, including the early inception of the REM concept, I'm WIth Cupid! and Wandering Shadows based on WIlliam Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Cecely McGeachie

(Internet Troll) Retired Assistant Principal - Curriculum now developer of Professional Development experiences connecting lead experts in the Education field with Teachers across New South Wales.