REM Waking World Trailer Transcript

(REM Waking world Theme plays.)


Hi, this is Joshua Combes, I’m the creator of a brand new fantasy fiction podcast called, “REM Waking World”. It follows the quest of Jacob Thorne, a lonely bachelor with an overactive imagination, who, while in pandemic social isolation, sleeps too much, dreams too much and then finds himself further isolated in a vast dream world, unable to escape. This new land exists to produce dreams for the Waking World (us) and frequently mirrors Jacob’s home planet through parody and satire. It’s a wonderland of the Earth’s collective invention – Romeo and Juliet live there, Cinderella, and David the Goliath Slayer - every fictional character created by human thought. Jacob is the first human to ever physically visit there and is suddenly thrown into a career as a famous dream writer with the perfect wife, two ideal children and unprecedented creative power and wealth. The only problem is, he’s starting to flicker and fade – disappearing for a few seconds at a time. Will Jacob’s escape earn him some level of control over his story? Will he find hope to light his way through this crisis? Or will he fade into time like a forgotten story? Look for us on all your podcast streaming services. REM Waking World, it’s time to listen and dream! For more information visit